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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc.
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Business / Employment – Opportunity Creation and/or Enabling, Growth, Expansion, Consolidation, Development, Re-structuring, Integration, Implementation, Maintaining, Support, Relationships

Better * Faster * Cheaper * Easier * Smarter * more Money

Andrew Morawski,
Founder and President

    Experienced - 20+ years, with uniquely integrated professional experience in Corporate (Fortune 100 level / Lucent Technologies, Tellabs, Motorola, GTE, Honeywell / International Program and Project Manager / multimillion value programs and projects) and Venture Capital Investment (First Analysis / $5-15MM investments / Relations and Communication, deal flow Manager) space with a fit to all their: internal structures, interfaces and sensitivity to interests, objectives and dependencies on all functional levels.

   Focusing on supporting growth, operations and objectives of existing or being developed domestic or international structures on Corporate, Financial, Medium and also Small Business level, partnering with or serving companies of growth or position sustainability objectives and also providing business services to Organizations, Groups or Individuals of focused or special interests.

   From the Revenue stand point focusing on Recurring, Residual and Volume based revenue/income growth or support in / for his clients’ businesses and is also offering his own solutions in this space.


   From the style of working stand point in his firm and client-firm relations, fosters: cooperation, collaboration, efforts integration, long term relations, as well as, loyalty, honesty, high performance and - including proactive - care and pleasant working culture and in Corporate and Financial space all characteristics that are expected in these environments.


Offered Experience and Capabilities:

        Business Management and StrategyBusiness Development Customer Base Growth and Interaction Network Building and Marketing Market Share Expansion Business Relations and Communications ● Functions of Special Assistance Integration of Interests Negotiations and Mediations Liaison Responsibilities Compliance and PoliciesOperational Oversight Process Implementation and Re-engineering Quality Organizational Development Program and Project Management – focusing on C-level objectives Venture Capital Investment – deal flow growth, business relations growth and maintaining, working mainly with brokers, agents, contributors, bankers, attorneys, C-level executives, directors, principals and analysts in alignment with their sector specifics, business interests and operating styles ● Business Costs and Expenses Savings ● Connecting Businesses and Interests ● Special Business Services ● as well as Solving Individuals’ Needs or Problems by offering competitive Specialized Knowledge,  Restructuring, Support and Revenue Growth solutions with focus on long term Recurring, Residual and Volume based revenue/income generation and expansion – with flexibility to serve custom objectives and forms of revenue/income generation.


Auxiliary Supportive Services:

        Luxury charter based Personal and Cargo Transportation in support of special: comfort, objectives and expectations.


Professional / Personal:

       Focusing on achieving business objectives, growth, expansion and results ● Superior Organizational skills ● Superior Networking skills ● Accountability ● Loyalty ● Drive to achieve ● Team Player and Leadership skills in fit to set forth objectives ● Flexibility to create a fit to specific and custom functions and expectations.



        Value and Wealth creation in support of existing or being developed market positions, structures and interests.

        Serving existing and future: Needs, Aspirations or Important Causes including on Individual Level.


Interests in Focus:

        Positions or Associations that expect: integrated or specific international or domestic professional, corporate, financial (venture capital investment space), trade related - business development, growth, management or support focused skills and qualities including value creation or support on individual executive level.



Purpose of founding his Firm - Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc.

Mr. Morawski founded his firm for following reasons:

  • To serve with his longterm integrated professional experience (as above) on Corporate, Medium, Small Business Level and in Financial space.

  • To serve on Organization, Group and INDIVIDUAL Level to help Achieving Objectives and making on Individual level lifestyle Better and Happier through the means of attending the most important matters of our daily living which are: Wealth - financial positioning with focus on: Business Solutions and best types of revenue/income that is: Recurring, Residual and Volume based; Realizing (its clients) own: Needs, Aspirations, often long not met Dreams or Important Causes;  Health – important select elements of healthy, long and happy livestyle and also: Specialized Knowledge (the one which is needed to accomplish objectives); Best known Solutions, COOPERATION, Collaboration and Mutual Assistance strengthened by being this way created synergy and supported by fostering: Care, Trust, Integrity, Reliability, Honesty, Loyalty and Friendship which make undertakings much easier, simply pleasant and overall make lives MUCH BETTER.

The Firm serves best if you:

  • Share Your :  Offerings, Capabilities, Interests, Skills and Growth Directions

  • Also your  :  Needs, Aspirations, long unmet Dreams (?) or Important Causes

  • Envision   :  Support you Need and associated Details


Our Offered Most Action Oriented Approach:

     1. What do you Need / Want (Growth / Problems) in your Life / Business - Now and in the Future?

     2. What has Important Value in your life that should be Achieved / Maintained?


    4. How do you want us to help you FINANCIALLY?

    5. Make a Call. / Let's Network. All starts with Proactive Conversation.