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Your Business Positioning Source including: Creation / Development / Expansion/ Enabling / Support / Re-structuring / Implementations / Collaboration / Consolidation / Integration / Maintaining / Support / Relationships and also supportive Specialized Knowledge on Corporate-, Medium-, Small- Business Level and for Organizations, Groups and Individuals

Better * Faster * Cheaper - also - Easier * Smarter * Revenue Growing and in Fit to our Current Economy

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Knowledge (including that Specialized), Money, Time, Infrastructure, Good Team to name the most important few and more than anything else - own True Will and Commitment to Achieve are cornerstones of success. Our Firm - Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. - represents just this understanding and creates and makes available Collaboration and Cooperation and/or Support in just those areas on the basis of not only BETTER - FASTER CHEAPER but also SMARTER. Our Firm invites: Businesses, Organizations, Groups and Individuals to join on this path. Combining of: capabilities, infrastructures and critical resources is always useful, since it overall makes objectives much easier to accomplish or at all, dramatically shortens time to revenue generation and really helps some in business sustainment but now in the current and oncoming state of our falling Economy – becomes of really great importance and has become simply necessary – to deal somehow with the constantly raising costs (inflation – about 10% and there is a total chaos in country’s management) or stay on the market or perhaps grow (what also is not impossible). Watching and analyzing on daily basis details on economic developments in our ‘first economy’ has a value of ‘eye opening’ and builds basis for open-minded approach – what could be seen as a base for knowing the true hostility of the environment one has to live in what is caused by people from the Government.


Our Firm represents deep understanding of these: economic, market and structural dependencies and because of that works on finding and implementing solutions to matters arising from them and need support already or in the future – often not far. A list of few practical handling implementations is provided below. The Firm is also open to listen to proposed solutions for the purpose of their collaborative or singularly by our Firm.



In response to the market trends and business needs of Businesses, Organizations Groups and Individuals our Firm:

       Offers – in reference to presented needs and ideas - competitive based on trend analysis and daily research of market events and associated reasons - innovative business solutions in fit to the current reality and oncoming economic ‘earthquake’.

       Complements – (after evaluation and acceptance) various business functions for: Businesses, Organizations, Groups and Individuals.

       Shortens – precious time of reaching markets by Products and Services or sometimes makes the entire reaching possible and also helps to or implements competition outdistancing and accelerates means of revenue increase.

       Cooperates and Works Together – with Businesses, Organizations, Groups and Individuals in the area of first of all – meeting their objectives and then provides support (if requested) for operations and revenue increase mainly by means of: growth, restructuring, development and implementation of creative solutions, cost reduction, market expansion and later business retainment.

       Connects – Business Entities, Expertise and Infrastructures for the purpose of making business objectives happen.


and in particular engages or supports or develops or provides

    for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals:

       Business / Indirect Employment – through: market expansion, revenue increase, structuring, re-structuring, opportunity management (generation, creation, enabling, development, implementation), efforts integration, consolidations, managing Programs or Projects, process development or re-engineering and supervising, contacts and relationships and their growth and maintaining.

       Inter/Intra Business Evaluations – provides time to listen to the needs or problems or creative ideas, performs their analysis and provides recommendations and their actual fit to expectations and may partly or fully get involved in their carrying out.

       Business Landscape Related Presentations – per submitted subject requests or offered by the Firm for: Businesses, Organizations, Groups and Individuals for the purpose of: improving, acquiring or expanding their market positioning or to help deepen understandings on ‘what’s really going on’ and how what works and can work better including things ‘one would never think about’.

       Economy & Your Business Future NewsSM – event driven publication by our Firm addressing important Economic and Business developments and trends having impact on: Businesses’, Organizations’, Groups’ and Individuals’ positioning.

    for Individuals:

       Unique attendance for Individuals’ Business Needs as for Corporations – market positioning, individual marketing, position restructuring or maintaining, mindset re-structuring to improve Client’s lifestyle – very unique – close to life saving importance.

       Professional Development Adjustments to New Job Markets in the USA – professional market value increase, career development and change, matters of employment in reference to drastic economic changes in the US and globally (as long as it is still possible…). Please request support with these matters – if you care for your life quality – and not only when they are on the edge of ‘too late’.

       Business/Lifestyle Improvement - Consultations – evaluations, solutions, scenarios as a result of choices made.

       Business Advisement - Consultations – evaluations, considerations on many levels.

       Community of Mutual Support and Help - Consultations – our Firm founded, coordinates and is growing this kind of community for the purpose of creating a diverse mutual support for all its participants. In times of good Economy, this kind ofg activities helps making lives happier and more comfortable and in pre-depression times (like now) – it is meant to provide support for participants’: Needs, Problems, Aspirations, sometimes long unmet Dreams, their Important Causes and overall to make their lives easier, more pleasant and freer from difficulties and for the reason that everyone knows that there always is someone who may extend their hand if one is in trouble (which already happens and will only increase). This alone may be considered as… PRICELESS.

  for Businesses and Organizations sometimes Groups - Important Business Functions to fulfil:

       Int’l and Domestic Business Management Function - Program, Project, Service, Product (creation/distribution) level – Our Firm represents multi-decade experience in managing of high visibility multi-million value high stake Programs, Projects or Undertakings in corporate environments staffed by multi-hundred, multi-cultural engineering teams, what not only finds implementation for big corporations but also creates a special value for Medium and Small Businesses where methods of functioning of this kind are seldom applied because of: lack of contact with this knowledge, low availability to learn about it and high cost to get them identified on one’s own and later applying it – despite they are very helpful and provide strength to businesses. This level of Management Methods is very helpful in the areas of: effective management techniques, general management at companies or their departments such as: Product or Service Development or Management, Operations, Marketing, Contracting and Contracts, Process Implementation and Re-engineering, Quality and Control, New Service or Product Pilot Implementation, Testing and Verification, Customer Interaction and Service, Training, Research, Compliance and Regulatory (there are about 350 regulatory agencies in the US constantly amending the regulatory landscape – speaking of ‘friendly’ business environment). Our Firm makes these capabilities available for contracting. Our Firm makes those high level management techniques appropriately adjusted available to Medium and Small businesses in fit to their expressed needs.

       Process Creation, Implementation, Re-engineering and Management – level of ISO 9001 – for creation of competitive, highly effective and winning markets ‘well oiled’ Organizations in the area of Production or Service –structure of company/department functioning and internal interaction: design, implementation, management, monitoring and maintaining.

       Strategic and Innovative Marketing – unique approach and infrastructure for LOCAL customer base (and revenue): growth and sustainment or achieving meaningful market position or competitive advantage strengthening by reaching (it’s possible) thousands of prospects on select days and face-to-face basis to introduce them to own offerings, create attraction to these offerings and earn trust and later acceptance by (where the client is): in person learning about their needs, presenting of offered value or solutions, presenting own expertise and care for others’ needs on the basis of mutual (for the client and the offeror that is for Businesses, Organizations, Groups or Individuals) advantage platform through: analysis of select market, planning, strategy and physical preparation, physically meeting with prospects to inform about specific offers or solutions on the basis of mass yet personal contacting that builds strong emotional connections for the purpose of the client base: acquiring, growing and maintaining for mutual advantage.

       Competition Reduction, Balancing, Mitigation, Avoidance and Neutralization – better market offerings and practices based on Better-Faster-Cheaper approach in accordance to existing regulations and by using unique infrastructure and creativity.

       Regulations, Market Requirements – constant monitoring, their analysis, strategies to deal with them, and their incorporation in business structure modeling and compliance for the purpose of… just survival (not many regulations are in place to help, rather to limit and apply charges). Dealing with regulations is quite important – to not get punished almost for everything usually in the form of lawsuits and high fines. Our Firm also performs this kind of support or function and related functions such as negotiations or strategies for dealing with these regulations and more.

       Venture Capital Investment Financing – available close investment contacts and this kind of relationships and communications for the purpose of exploring/presenting a request for multi-million dollar value private equity financing (supported by appropriate presented merits). Our Firm makes available its time to be familiarized with the offer for such financing and provides its availability for Business Plan pre-evaluation.

       Economy and Market Intelligence - Research and Analysis – mechanisms of functioning, competitive practices, business information verification, unique competitive solutions, STRATEGIES, effective methods and approaches for striving for making most correct business decisions.

       Medium and Small Business – strengthening of market positioning based on best Corporate Practices, new avenues for market penetration and other methods of interaction, managerial support for the company/business or its departments, opportunity penetration and their development, techniques of innovative influencing, methods of revenue growth, consolidations for cost containment and customer base growth – to mention few types of capabilities of our Firm available for requesting.

       Business Positioning Strengtening and Management – effectiveness, efficiency, restructuring, risk analysis and corrective mechanisms, best practices of large corporate structures of Fortune 100 level and our Firm’s personal abilities to influence and implement.

       Competitive Business Structure Building and Re-engineering – specialized business models: development, re-engineering and implementation, internal and external structuring or re-structuring - towards competitive interaction with markets.

       Revenue Increase based on Improvements in Business Operations – for existing and newly created business structures – development of innovative business models, cost containment, customer base growth, efficiency increase in business operations, better market targeting, restructuring and… more.

       Strategic Business Contacts and Relationships – to offset or reduce competitive market trends and foster long term based on care and mutual support and advantages win-win cooperation and collaboration.

       Business / Marketing / Financial / Operational Modeling and Plans for Strategic Market Interaction – being a foundation for any business existence – collaborative planning and implementation of innovative market solutions, statistical and psychological approach including human factor, co-development and implementation of innovative market solutions, analysis of MANY parameters for business structure design and/or its refinement.

       Everyday Business Support – availability to consider insourcing of requests for specific market sector expertise or function to perform on: Businesses, Organizational, Group and Individual level.

       Difficult Business Cases/Problems/A need for Support or Help – (requiring special knowledge and care or for convenience) – consultations, involvement, conducting, immediate action capabilities.

       Liaison Services – highly skilled negotiation and influencing techniques for addressing matters of delicate, sensitive of conflicting nature requiring deep understanding of subject of differences and their real underlining reasons, human nature, the other side nature, internal and external related market issues and interactions with support of our own communication ‘style’ approach to arrive to satisfying outcomes.

       Domestic and Int’l Trade Support – promotions, presentations, opportunity representation, preparations, market offering assessment, support for custom requests, collaboration, skillful communication with trade related contacts, marketing channels analysis, relationships and their creation, negotiations, instrumental interaction and Firm’s own physical infrastructure in support of the above – for serving all and for long.

       Business Opportunity & Development Bank SM – a platform for interlocking of experiences and infrastructures through the means of a use of: collaboration, cooperation, methods of growing income, consolidations, mutual supporting and complementing, methods of lowering efforts for objectives accomplishing / revenue increase and strengthening of market positioning - for the purpose of achieving larger or large objectives on Individual or Group level. Please call the Firm and present your needs for support or propositions and proposed preferred solutions.