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There are dramatic changes that affect markets and businesses, because of global competition for superiority, debt in trillions almost everywhere and totally incompetent individuals in Governments so their countries cannot cope with that. The leading country in this trend is… ours - the US. There is a lot to say about reasons of that, but in one word all what happens - is a result of ‘self-inflicting wounds’ which is a result of a total country’s mismanagement or rather no-management as a whole and… thievery. It is just sufficient to look at our country’s national debt - $31T + $5T for stimuluses – which no one on this Earth can pay off, since it is… impossible. If someone wants or needs to understand associated with this state details, short explanation or rich in details consultation is possible. By the way, in reality - nothing has been done by people from our Gov. to turn this situation around – perhaps because just those people caused all of that – so effectively there is no one to fix it. So, honestly speaking, situation on this level is VERY difficult, constantly worsens and will… not improve – because it is not doable – it’s already too late, unless… ,but it will never happen. So, the DEPRESSION is knocking on our doors (soon), not on the doors of those who caused all of this. The economic catastrophe is already coming if you also watch the economic chaos already in everything.

On the other hand from ONLY the business running standpoint - markets are becoming constantly more and more competitive due to more and more sophisticated and scientific methods of acquiring market share, customer bases and due to financial dependencies. Businesses to function must (many don’t) address all elements of running business such as: knowledge, infrastructure, capital, supportive business team, innovating marketing, competitive offerings, methods of attracting of customers, compliance, constant business/market-fit adjustments and finely outperforming competition and having TIME for doing all of these - just to name few and also deal with external pressures such as: unstoppable inflation, rising own costs and raising own prices which no one will be able soon to pay – also to name just few – all for a reason of at least business sustainment. Market interaction is a long term commitment and must be performed ALWAYS better than the competition can. There is… a long list of these functions as a part of so called ‘overhead’ to perform. Not attending some of them simply spells a trouble that is a loss of revenue or… worse. Let’s know that all functional requirements that apply to a big corporation ALSO apply to a small business.

Skipping over some of those functions initially creates savings, but at the same time increases risks which cost - when they materialize to a problem - is later MUCH BIGGER than the cost of properly run business what is a must at the first place. For example, lower efficiency and effectiveness in comparison to the competition performance transforms to: higher own costs of business, higher risks, own energy and time wasting on increased problem solving activities (and not on growth for example), lower revenue and longer hours – overall causes business weakening and often leads to gradual takeover of ‘our’ customer base by our competition what in turn imposes very high costs of regaining lost market position (if still possible) or in case of insufficient amount of money to pay for recovery – causes business… collapse.

The underlying reason for that is very simple. There are more businesses needing adequate customer bases to exist than the available size of those customer bases combined all together to ‘feed’ those businesses. Constantly changing market conditions is another not much helping story. The natural way then of solving those unbalances is administered by the market itself that is elimination (actually – self-elimination) of non-competitive or non-performing businesses from the market. The solution to avoid that - is proper and effective business managing and maintaining on regular basis focusing on pro-activity and HAVING A RELIABLE SUPPORT FOR THAT.

Let’s also be constantly aware of the fact - that if we do not constantly focus on sustaining or growing our customer base at the expense of other businesses (since there is no real economic growth now), definitely someone else out there at the same moment does just that and our business as a result of that - loses. Simply saying - THE COMPETITION AND CHANGING MARKET CONDITIONS MUST BE ATTENDED EVERY DAY! Again, there is a limited number of customer bases to keep the businesses in their area alive. In such case, weaker ones must and do leave the marketplace and the ones that do all properly – usually stay and grow. There is no alternative to that.

The basis for success among different business models accompanied by various associated risks is Value Creation in the area of Products or Services that better meets current and new expectations of a particular customer base by better solution offerings and… power of attraction.

Why a use of collaboration and integration is so helpful then and is simply necessary? Because needed by us and even more so demanded by marketplace: knowledge, time and money to run operations PROPERLY (good business positioning, low risks, satisfying revenue and performing of all involved supportive operations that the business needs) exceed capabilities of a single person to do all of that unless some activities are outsourced. Times of meaningful competing on individual basis have ended many many years ago when back then the markets were much more ‘peaceful’. Today, whatever is well working is working well for this moment. Next day can be much different. Strong businesses may be able to grow. Other businesses may be able to sustain their existence. Businesses that are weak often can be rescued but that requires almost immediate action and different means of running the business and… HAVING OF RELIABLE EXTERNAL SUPPORT. Our Firm Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. serves also this purpose.

The key and basis for all positive and winning solutions is: Close, Honest and Genuine Long-term Collaboration on all levels – and always! Please NEVER disregard that.

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