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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc.
 7042 Hemlock St, Hanover Park, IL. 60133
Voice: 630-372-6652
Fax: 630-372-6653, E-mail: amorawski@compexbes.com 

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Your Business Positioning Source including: Creation / Development / Expansion/ Enabling / Support / Re-structuring / Implementations / Collaboration / Consolidation / Integration / Maintaining / Support / Relationships and also supportive Specialized Knowledge on Corporate-, Medium-, Small- Business Level and for Organizations, Groups and Individuals

Better * Faster * Cheaper - also - Easier * Smarter * Revenue Growing and in Fit to our Current Economy

Our Market Positioning and Objectives

Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 and addresses vital: business (on Corporate, Medium and Small Business, Organizational and Group level) and lifestyle related (on Individuals’ level) its Clients’ matters and diverse needs by developing and/or organizing competitive (Fortune 100 level quality) or based on needed creativity - solutions in accordance to: dramatic changes in our current and oncoming Economy, changes in markets of Services, Products and Needs there and NEW rather highly disturbing Economic trends.

Our Firm’s experience foundation is based on 20+ years of its ‘in the field’ interaction on the level of leading USA Corporations and Financial Firms as well as Firm’s own DEEP understanding of many dependencies on many levels in the space of: business, economy, identification of trends and real functioning of many structures as well as constant research and studies of various market, social, political and causing changes – developments for the purpose of finding the most effective solutions for our Clients.

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