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Let's Meet - Let's Get Together - Let's Work TogetherSM

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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. welcomes all and in particular those who strive to maintain or grow their revenue (especially in these times of total economic chaosc aused by total mismanagement of our country by people from the Gov.) through: the use of new or innovative business solutions (which is not easy), efficiency increase, savings on unnecessary spending, new ways for sustaining customer base and through… the NEW APPROACH.

One of the strongest aims (if not the only one) to counterbalance (as much as possible) this unstoppable economic down spiral - is through the use of different strategies among them the one that is very unique and helpful and is coined by our Firm which is… “Let's Meet, Let's Get Together, Let's Work Together(SM)” Approach/Movement.

Why is this approach that superior over any other? Let’s then take a look on economic situation of our country and because of that – ours to see value of this approach.

We have in our country irreversible currency crises – inflation about 10% (very high) - which makes everything constantly and rapidly more expensive, yet our income stays the same (practicvally). Also national debt is now $31.5T + $5T on stimuluses – which is unimaginably big – the biggest in the history of humanity from ‘Adam and Eve’. No one is able to re-pay it and nothing is being done by people from the Gov. to stop its growth let alone to repay it. Our American dollar exists ONLY because China and Japan buy our debt and now we owe them - trillions. If these countries stopped buying our debt (paying for us), we would have HYPERINFLATION in one second and the end of American dollar. Currently, even though we are being helped, we irreversibly dive into HIPERINFLATION – just a little slower – not the people from our GOV. who has caused that.

The value of derivatives (promises ‘written on water’ that countless bets will bring money - which is impossible in the world that is about $700T where the whole world’s income is about $50T) and many other messed up key financial parameters will impact enormously negatively everyone's Lifestyle especially of middle going rapidly to low on the level of poverty or lower - class.

All of that will result: astronomic price increase, astronomic taxes increase administered by people from our Gov. (ours? – what ours – they are only to themselves), loss of jobs or jobs that will pay next to nothing and new reality (for You and Me) as "This is your Problem" when you will not be able to pay basic bills or buy food. Don’t then count on people from the Gov. to help, since… they have caused all of that.

It is necessary to realize, that this is illusively slow process and also is… irreversible and that the collapse will happen… suddenly. Let's also remember that to have money needed for living there must be jobs and those jobs will not be there. Only those with the best market positioning or those who understand value of Collaboration and Cooperation and apply it can have a chance to sustain their living standard or could even prosper.

All of that will cause a dramatic decline in OUR standard of living which at this moment is far from envisioning. Nothing will work anymore. To find ourselves in much better situation that the oncoming times bring, a totally different approach and interaction with the market is NECESSARY.

Our - very timely and very well focused on current and especially near-future needs Approach / Movement called “Let's Meet, Let's Get Together, Let's Work Together(SM)” is our response to that what is coming and to help ourselves.

This approach focuses on combining the most important elements of Supporting One Another against coming financial tsunami leading to destruction of our current already ‘in big trouble’ Lifestyle. To mitigate that, not only Businesses must restructure but also Individuals in everything what they do.

Our Firm concentrates on and specializes in practical implementing of this approach among all understanding what is going on or those who will find out later or somewhat too late. In support of that, there is also “Business Opportunity & Cooperation Bank(SM)” which functioning is based just on these very principles that is Collaboration and Cooperation. Our Firm organizes these activities and serves all who want to PARTICIPATE and BENEFIT. Please contact us sooner than later since there is ‘inertia’ in everything before requests or expectations or emergencies can be attended, and remember that action is needed NOW! More information on that is available if you call.

Our Firm makes available its accumulated very specific in fit to the current times business and support knowledge, organizational infrastructure and means of support and wishes all meeting their expected results and happiness as a result of our Approach/Movement that is focused on helping everyone if… you will ask for that.

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Please remember our telephone number: 630-372-6652 and about acting PRO-ACTIVELY!

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